Ask Rachel: Passport To Paris

by The Zoe Report

Carole, Paris or London at any time of year is a dream, but since you are visiting in February, you must prepare to bundle up—in style! My advice is that you bring plenty of cozy clothes and accessories without over-stuffing your suitcase…are you ready to make a packing list?

Starting with the inner-layers and working out, take with you 1. pair of sturdy leggings 2. fashion-forward jeans3. long sleeve tee 4. chunky knit sweater and 5. long outerwear option—my vote is a trench coat! You will quickly find that dressing for cold weather is all about layering your look.

After you have your base ensemble down, the next step is toexcessorize. I recommend you do that with a 6. thick scarf 7.leather gloves and 8. trapper hat. For convenience, be sure to carry a 9. cross-body satchel to safely secure your belongings, which should include a 10. passport cover and 11. cool camera!

Finally, in terms of footwear, bring a pair of 12. riding boots that you can walk around the city comfortably in while still looking très chic! xoRZ