Tina Turner Was A Legendary Fashion Icon & These Outfits Prove It

She was known for her fringe mini dresses.

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Tina Turner's Style Evolution

The world lost one of the greatest female artists of all time. On May 24, Tina Turner died at age 83 after a long illness at her home in Küsnacht, Switzerland. To her fans, she will always be known as the Queen of Rock & Roll — she blessed us with songs like “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and “Proud Mary” — and as a legendary fashion icon. In fact, once you look at the photos of her, ahead, you’ll see for yourself that the 12-time Grammy winner’s style evolution is full of memorable looks that’ll go down in history.

Several of the singer’s most noteworthy fashion moments were thanks to celebrity stylist Bob Mackie. “The first time I saw Tina was at Studio One in Los Angeles, in the late ‘60s,” Mackie wrote on Instagram yesterday in a tribute post to Turner. “Then Tina appears as a guest on The Cher Show and I made her a whole bunch of looks. The show always finished with a concert at the end. Tina looked and sounded amazing.” Together, the powerhouse duo put leg-baring mini dresses, like the wing number she donned in ‘77, on the map.

In addition to Mackie, Turner also forged close relationships with famed designers like Gianni and Donatella Versace. “My brother Gianni and I dressed Tina when she performed in Milan in May 1997,” Donatella Versace told British Vogue in 2021, reflecting back on their partnership with the singer. “We created a lingerie-style mini dress made from crystal mesh, very short. When she saw it, she said, ‘Shorter.’” The designer continued, “Tina really understands and is able to harness the power of clothes.”

Turner indeed served up a host of unforgettable outfits over the course of her career, from the ‘60s to the 2000s. Take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the singer’s best on-stage fashion moments, ahead.


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During the early days of her career, Turner doubled down on gold while hitting the stage in Texas.


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Turner loved a polished houndstooth print, as evidenced by this suit she wore in 1966. Her oversized sunnies added a dramatic touch to her elevated on-stage look.


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Turner was known for sporting her signature teeny-tiny mini dresses while performing, as seen here on The Pearl Bailey Show.


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Who would ever forget this pleated lamé wings and fringe costume, designed by Bob Mackie? Turner wrote about this look in her memoir That’s My Life and said: “One of my dresses had wings, so I looked like I was about to take flight and soar — which was exactly how I felt...”


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This flame dress, which was designed by Mackie too, was perhaps her most sought-after look ever. In fact, both Cher and Beyoncé have worn her exact look.


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A classic denim jacket was also one of Turner’s signature on-stage looks. Here, she wore the timeless topper during her Private Dancer tour.


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Though she was known to bust a move in fringe mini dresses, the singer also took to the stage in more casual ensembles, like a cropped jacket and jeans.


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The iconic singer donned the aforementioned dazzling micro mini dress by Gianni Versace on her Wildest Dreams tour.


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In the ‘00s, Turner began trading in her signature leg-baring dresses for one-pieces, like this latex-looking style.


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Turner traded in her dresses for a top and cropped pants combo while performing at The Nordic Music Awards.


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For the 50th Annual Grammy Awards in 2008, Turner took to the stage with fellow musician, Beyoncé. For the talked-about performance, Turner wore a body-hugging silver jumpsuit.

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