The 10 Most-Googled Selfies Of 2015

by Stephanie Montes

When you hear the word selfie, images of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are surely the first to come to mind. But Google just announced the top-trending selfies of 2015, and the sisters barely cracked the top 10! Here, see who prevailed as most-searched of the year. Trust us, the roster will surprise you.


#10: Kim Kardashian

The only surprise here is that Kim didn't make at least the top 3.


#9: Kylie Jenner

No stranger to the selfie game, Kylie beats out her big sister by 1 spot.


#8: Miley Cyrus

Captioned "I actually own pants. And shirts. And socks." Good to know, Miley. Good to know.


#7: Lady Gaga

Although she doesn't actually have her own Instagram account, Lady gaga still managed to make the top 10.


#6: James Franco

Quite the character, James is the only male actor to make the list.


#5: Anna Kendrick

No surprise here. The girl is stunning.

NBC News

#4: Bald Eagle

Seriously. The number 4 spot goes to Michael and Neil Fletcher, of Sudbury, Ontario, who took a selfie with a bald eagle they rescued from a hunting trap in Canada.

NY Daily News

#3: Al Roker

Al Roker made headlines after tweeting this all-smiles selfie during the historic flooding in South Carolina in October.


#2: Miss Lebanon

Miss Lebanon posed in this infamous selfie in January with Miss Israel (among other contestants of the Miss Universe pageant). But since the 2 countries remain at war, it's illegal in Lebanon to have any contact with an Israeli.


#1: Malia Obama

President Obama's eldest daughter, Malia made world news (and the top spot in 2015's most-Googled selfie list) when a photo of her wearing a controversial Pro Era T-shirt leaked on Instagram.