This Viral DIY Handbag On TikTok Is Craftcore At Its Finest

All you need is yarn, needles, and determination.

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images
 Fashion Week guest before Mykke Hofmann on January 28, 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

TikTok users are known for their craftiness, whether that's creating viral choreographed dances or experimenting with out-of-the-box beauty trends. When it comes to fashion, the 60-second videos run the gamut in this category, though lately TikTok users are sharing how to DIY your favorite sold out or otherwise unattainable fashion items. In a move that's craftcore at its finest, TikTok creators are DIY-ing the Stitch bag by UNIF, which is currently sold out, and the trend has caught on with like-minded creatives.

The Stitch handbag first launched in late 2020 and boomed to viral status due to its trending maximalist pattern and craftcore aesthetic amongst the Gen Z crowd. (Craftcore is a style that refers to hand-crafted items through embroidery, knitting, crocheting, needling, and sewing.) The $252 bag quickly sold out, though this did not dissuade fans who wanted one. Instead of waiting around, TikTok geniuses proved their craftiness by making Stitch bag lookalikes and shared their end results on the social media platform. This at-home recreation of a popular fashion item harkens back to JW Anderson's crochet cardigan in 2020, which was worn by Harry Styles. His fans, who loved the look but was hesitant about the price, got to work by knitting replica rainbow-hued cardigans themselves. The DIY trend became so popular that soon after it reached viral status, designer Jonathan Anderson himself shared the exact sweater pattern on his site as a gift to TikTok fans.

Ahead, see how one user who goes by the handle @ageorama created her own Stitch bag. This might inspire you to put your own sewing skills to the test this weekend. For those who appreciate the creativity from afar, but are not too keen on making your own, shop similar craftcore handbags available right now.

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