Attention, SATC Fans — Sarah Jessica Parker Finally Launched Her Own Cosmo

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When it comes to Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw, a few things naturally come to mind. One of those, of course, is the cosmopolitan — her go-to drink for friend catch-ups, club hangs, and date nights for all six original seasons. Given that the actor is prone to business ventures that relate to her loves on the show, it makes sense then that the Parker would launch a cosmopolitan cocktail of her own. Yes, you read that right: This May, the 57-year-old released The Perfect Cosmo by SJP, a modern twist on the classic recipe that’s based on her personal style and taste.

Parker didn’t just dream up this cocktail with any brand, though. It’s actually a part of Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits, a brand-new pre-made cocktail company founded by a group of celebrity partners (Parker included). Along with the SATC star, the lineup features several big names, including John Cena, Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Playboi Carti. Like Parker, each has curated their own craft cocktail for the launch — for Cena, The Classic Old Fashioned; for Benson, Dawson, and Hudgens, The Margalicious Margarita; and for Carti, The Hardscatto.

“We’ve been focused on sourcing high-proof, premium spirits with the best natural ingredients to elevate the Thomas Ashbourne portfolio above the pre-made cocktail standard,” says CEO Cara Kamenev in a press release. “With the help of our celebrity partners, each flavor profile was meticulously crafted and demanded the highest standards in taste, quality, and sophistication. We’re here to dispel the myth that bespoke, high-end cocktails can only be enjoyed in certain settings, by certain people.”

But back to that cosmo. According to the brand, the idea of Parker’s drink is to smash old traditions. Thus, the “well-heeled mixture of cranberry, aromas of freshly squeezed lime, and hints of strawberry” comes with a premium vodka and triple sec base for a sweet-but-balanced finish you can buy in a bottle or can.

“I’ve tasted some pretty extraordinary cocktails over the years and in my travels, but our Thomas Ashbourne Perfect Cosmo is up there among the very best,” says Parker herself in the press release. “We took the process very seriously; tasting different recipes, exploring a variety of ingredients, and seeing how flavors can come together like art. This particular cocktail, while being closely associated to a well-known character I've played for many years, is also a personal favorite in my own life. I hope others find it as enjoyable and refreshing as we do.”

Shop The Perfect Cosmo now on Thomas Ashbourne’s site, or click through via the link ahead.

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