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Rom-Com-Inspired Cocktails For Valentine's Day

These pair perfectly with your favorite films.

still from the rom-com 'Pretty Woman'

Rom-Com Inspired Cocktails: When Harry Met Sally

Matt Landes, founder of Cocktail Academy, suggests pairing this quintessentially NYC rom-rom with a Calvados Spritz — a combo of apple brandy (a nod to the Big Apple) and sparkling wine that's both effervescent and comforting, just like the main characters' relationship.

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Rom-Com Inspired Cocktails: Pretty in Pink

For this '80s classic, Landes recommends mixing up a Rose Cocktail: gin, rose influencer Lillet Blanc, and grapefruit liquor garnished with rose petals. "Like Andie, the drink is bold and ambitious. The color is also strikingly reminiscent of the prom dress [she] wears at the end of the film.”