The Reese Witherspoon-Approved Bar Essentials Every Cocktail Lover Should Own

Don’t throw a party without them.

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Reese Witherspoon / Instagram
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Reese Witherspoon isn’t shy about her appreciation of a good cocktail. Whether she’s on vacation, promoting her favorite Draper James dress, or celebrating the holidays with family, she seems to always have an occasion-appropriate libation nearby (at least, according to her Instagram). That’s why, when it comes to stocking your bar cart, we’d argue there’s no better place to look for guidance than Witherspoon’s own cocktail essentials. And fortunately, she recently blessed the world with a photo sharing just that.

“Grapefruit Cocktail…. Need I say more? Happy Summer, y'all!” she wrote in an Instagram post on June 12. In the image, the actor and entrepreneur stands in her blue kitchen, orange-hued cocktail in hand. But that’s not all you can see: In fact, Witherspoon is surrounded by all the components that make up her pretty seasonal drink, from the ingredients (Belle Meade bourbon and grapefruit, apparently), to the basic tools used to put it together.

Her setup is both chic and comprehensive, but not overwhelming for the cocktail beginner. In other words, it’s a great place to look for inspiration if you’re putting together a beverage station of your own. Continue on for a breakdown of all her drink-making essentials.

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Cool Glassware

When it’s cocktail time, Witherspoon never makes a drink without a great glass to serve it in. Her choices run the gamut from funky coupes to crystal flutes, so there’s no one way to follow her lead. Just make sure whatever you pick feels fancy and fun (and, of course, photo-ready).

Chic Shakers

Every part of Witherspoon’s spaces is chic — so of course her cocktail shakers are, too. In this instance, the actor chose a metallic brass version that matched her kitchen accents, which is a genius idea if it stays on display.

A Set Of Tools

A mishmash of tools? Witherspoon would never. The cute-kitchen queen obviously has a full, matching set of beautiful bar tools, with a corresponding stand to boot.

A Cutting Board

If you’re making cocktails the *right* way, you’re almost guaranteed to be cutting up fresh fruit and herbs. For that, you’ll obviously need a cutting board. Take notes from Witherspoon and invest in a large, sturdy piece — it’ll not only serve its original purpose, but will also become a sort of “station” for the rest of your beverage creations.

A Large Tray

As a regular cocktail consumer, Witherspoon knows the importance of having a few classic spirits on hand. She keeps these in order with a simple tray on her counter — that way, when she’s in the mood, she can easily reach for whatever she’s craving.

Citrus Storage

The importance of freshly squeezed produce in your cocktails can’t be overstated. (Seriously, try one with bottled lime juice and tell us you don’t notice the difference.) Witherspoon clearly knows this, because she keeps an entire bowl of citrus at hand. It’s a convenient way to keep all your crucial ingredients together, while also adding some style to your countertop.

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