Rachel Zoe’s Favorite Grocery Store Beauty Products

Rachel Zoe can’t resist the beauty aisle at the grocery store—especially since Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s stock tons of organic, homeopathic and all-natural products. From essential oils that reduce fever to an all-natural balm that doubles as eye makeup remover, these tried and true beauty buys are always on RZ’s shopping list.

Billy Farrell/BFA.com

Rachel Zoe's Favorite Grocery Store Beauty Products

"I use vitamin E oil everywhere when my skin is super dry—I put it on my elbows, knees, even on my face. I also love Boiron calendula gel, which speeds up recovery time for minor cuts and scars."

"I stock essential oils in eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender for a million reasons: a few drops in the bath for aromatherapy, in a humidifier to prevent colds, a dab onto pillowcases and the kids' PJs at bedtime, on the bottom of your feet to reduce fever."

"I only keep organic products in the bath, especially for the kids. I used this body wash throughout both of my pregnancies and now it's a mainstay in my shower."

"I've been using Rosebud salve on my lips since the beginning of time! I mix a little into my lipstick when I want the color to stay for several hours. I also always keep Aquaphor in my handbag for chapped lips or dry nostrils."

"I use these towelettes as makeup removers when I don't have time to take off all my makeup and completely reapply. I'm obsessed with both the cucumber and white tea scents."

"These natural tabs help heal bruises—Hyland's whole line of homeopathic products is great."

"This is my go-to use-for-absolutely-everything balm! It works on minor scrapes, chapped lips and dry skin but it can also double as eye makeup remover—which is a major beauty hack if you're stranded without your usual remover."

"I started using this eczema cream to treat diaper rash for the babies but realized it works wonders for any skin irritation, redness or bumps—for babies or adults."