A Letter From Rachel Zoe: April 2014

Sunny days have arrived! Along with the kaleidoscope of vibrant spring fashion, April brings us the carefree spirit of festival season as well as the bustle of the upcoming Passover and Easter holidays. So now is definitely the time to get your warm-weather look locked down for all the parties, glam entertaining and precious family time to come.

During the colder months, you’ll find me in a head to toe black ensemble with the occasional splash of jewel or earth tones. Spring, however, always brings out my collection of bold colors, prints and patterns – everything from Pucci caftans and Missoni knits to turquoise jewels and white leather, the list goes on and on! The shift in seasons also affects my beauty palette. Changing something as simple as your nail color can transform your look. I’ll be retiring the deep bordeaux I wore this fall for a natural almost nude polish – something with a ‘60s vibe. For lipstick, I’ll trade deep red for an easy-to-wear berry tint.

Weather aside, I often associate the carefree weightless nature of spring fashion to festival season. Whether you’re a regular on the music festival circuit or hosting a dance party with friends, you can channel the spirit of bohemian fashion with ethereal sundresses, oversized sunnies and fringe accessories. In honor of this fashion extravaganza, we’re doing 30 Days Of Festival Style on The Zoe Report with the most coveted dresses, distressed denim and game-changing accessories.

This month also brings my whole family to Los Angeles, where I will be hosting Passover dinner and cooking for twenty! On second thought, catering has a better ring to it! Even though I won’t be cooking, I love entertaining and creating a beautiful place in which my family can spend time together. To make the evening feel special, I’ll set the table with gorgeous layers of Baccarat crystal, Tiffany & Co porcelain, an array of tea candles and fresh white flowers – white peeled-back roses to be exact! Having a glam dinner is a great excuse to spend time with your friends and family and celebrate life.

Enjoy this month full of gorgeous spring fashion and adventure!

XO Rachel Zoe