5 Things You Didn’t Know About Rachel Zoe

If you have the overwhelming feeling you could totally be BFFs with Rachel Zoe—even though you haven’t met—we understand. You know all her little idiosyncrasies: She never leaves home without sky-high 7-inch platform heels. She refers to prize handbags with pronouns: “Oh, I love her!” And like her son Skyler, she has an insanely photographic memory. But just when you think you’ve got someone pegged, they surprise you. Here, 5 things you didn’t know about the one and only Rachel Zoe.


Fun Facts About Rachel Zoe


1. Total Homebody

"I love nothing more than being at home with my family … and wearing a bathrobe."


2. Surprisingly Athletic

"I'm weirdly coordinated. For example, I hadn't gone bowling in forever, and when I recently went, my first roll was a strike."


3. Loves To Cook

"I'm especially obsessed with baking, which I do with my sons on a weekly basis."


4. Doesn't Plan Outfits

"I can get completely dressed and ready in less than 15 minutes."


5. Not Girly

"I hate getting glam (hair, makeup and manicures). I always feel like there are a thousand more productive things I could be doing—for work or with my kids."