The Making Of Rachel Zoe’s 2015 CFDA Gown

It isn’t every day that a girl gets to wear a custom gold lamé gown to the CFDA Awards in New York City, one of the chicest fashion events of the year. So what goes into a dream fashion moment like this one? Here, a behind-the-scenes peek at the creation of Rachel’s gorgeous red carpet look, inspired by her favorite decade: the 1970s—natch.

Two Months Ago

Rachel wanted a gown that felt glamorous and retro. After a bit of back and forth with her design team in New York, the sketch was finalized.

One Month Ago

The overlay of the gown was handwoven at a design studio in Mumbai. The beautiful macramé panels were sized to fit, making the design truly one of a kind.

Two Weeks Ago

The incredible macramé panels were then sent to New York where Rachel's design team finished the gown, using gold beads and lamé thread. It may not actually be real gold, but you wouldn't know that from the way it shimmers.

This Morning

To sleeve or not to sleeve? That was the question early today when Rachel had her final fitting.

This Afternoon

Rachel waited to hem the dress until she found the perfect shoes: metallic gold platforms by Brian Atwood. The fringe was then cut while she was wearing the heels so that the tassels just barely grazed the floor.


Rodger captured this gorj moment leaving the hotel. For hair and makeup, Rachel went with slightly tousled waves and a bold red lip (thanks to Joey Maalouf and NARS' Joyous Red).

At The Event

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