Pamela Anderson Acquires Skin Care Brand Sonsie, Bringing Her Beauty Secrets To The Masses

The perfect pairing.

Pamela Anderson no makeup Sonsie skin care

It makes sense that an icon of Pamela Anderson’s stature would eventually wade into the business end of the beauty industry, but few band-celebrity pairings are this compatible — and unfold this organically. As the actor-activist explains to Vogue in a new interview, Anderson’s acquisition of skin care brand Sonsie happened not long after her decision to go makeup-free for good, attending fashion shows and starring in brand campaigns with a bare, fresh face. It was her son’s girlfriend who introduced her to Sonsie first, offering her some use-anywhere balm, and it was love at first application. The brand, originally founded and helmed by model and influencer Marie von Behrens-Felipe, already had a pretty major following thanks to its back-to-basics approach and pared-down, three-step regimen. Anderson’s purchase makes her in the driver’s seat as Sonsie’s co-founder and owner, and it sounds like she’s more than comfortable continuing what Behrens-Felipe started.

In that deep-dive interview on the acquisition, Anderson reveals that it’s the Sonsie ethos along with its product formulas that really drew her in. “It's about accepting yourself where you are right now,” she tells Vogue. “All of us have tried all sorts of different things—your friends are doing it, then you’re doing it. But I just came to a point where I felt like, ‘This is it. I just want to do me, keep my skin hydrated, and look after myself, but I don’t want to have to think about tomorrow. I want to think about right now. Live and how I feel in this moment.’”

Anderson’s been working with the company behind-the-scenes for a while, the article mentions, but what she’s developed is still under wraps for now.

The trio of existing Sonsie products, meanwhile, are a great way to get a sense for the brand and everything to come. Currently available for purchase is the Sonsie Super Serum for soothing hydration; the Basic Balm, lip moisturizer; and the Multi Moisture Mask that can be used in different ways for assorted needs. Behrens-Felipe told TZR in 2023 that the idea for the line occurred after tons of international travel left her skin stressed. She decided to create her own collection of curated essentials, all of which adhere to EU consumer standards and focus on simplicity — both of ingredients and packaging.

With Anderson’s commitments to bringing the brand into new territory for 2024, there’s no telling what Sonsie can become.