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All The Memorable Fashion Moments From ‘Mean Girls’

It’s Oct. 3, everyone.

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Mean Girls, which came out in 2004, is a treasure trove of fabulous outfits emblematic of early aughts style. From Juicy Couture tracksuits to a sanctioned color palette, here are all the memorable fashion moments from Mean Girls.

The Many Miniskirts

Here, Karen, Cady, and Gretchen each wore a colorful thigh-grazing skirt. A special shoutout goes to Cady’s pleated pink number, which felt in sync with today’s tennis skirt trend.Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!”

The Plastics, aka the It-group at North Shore High School, coordinated their outfits with an all-pink color palette. Head of the Plastics, Regina (played by Rachel McAdams), mandated the entire squad to wear the rosy color on Wednesdays.Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Karen’s Mouse Costume

If you need Halloween costume inspo, look no further than Karen as a mouse (played by Amanda Seyfried). She wore a black negligee with pink and gray ears for her festive ensemble.Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

A Pink Tracksuit

Regina’s self-described “cool” mom (played by Amy Poehler) deserves a little shoutout for her iconic, pastel pink two-piece set.Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Regina’s Bra & Tank

While Regina’s wardrobe malfunction originated as a prank, her bra-revealing tank top became a school-wide trend. The peek-a-boo look harkens back to the 2000s fashion trend where bra straps became a purposefully exposed detail in one’s outfit.Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Matching Christmas Looks

The Plastics’ Christmas performance of “Jingle Bell Rock” was unforgettable for many reasons. Just take a look at their matching outfits of fuzzy-lined vinyl skirts, red tank tops, and Santa hats.Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Cady’s Party Dress

In a party look that feels representative of early ‘00s fashion, Lindsay Lohan as Cady wore a black and pink satin dress in a strapless and mini silhouette. She finished off her nighttime ensemble with sheer tights and a skinny black choker necklace.Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Gretchen’s Burberry Miniskirt & Graphic Tee

Gretchen (portrayed by Lacey Chabert) wore many fabulous looks throughout the film. However, her flirty spin on preppy style — a pleated Burberry miniskirt paired with a cherry-red graphic T-shirt — was undeniably one of her strongest.Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Regina’s Louis Vuitton Purse

Queen Bee Regina accessorized with a pink Louis Vuitton belt and purse that shared the same blossom floral pattern. Her ‘R’ initial necklace is worth noting, too, as the character wore it throughout the movie and personalized jewelry is a trend in 2021.Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Cady’s Mathletes Jacket

Who could forget Cady winning Spring Fling Queen while wearing her Mathletes jacket. The look, complete with a plastic tiara, which she later broke into pieces, was iconic in the movie.Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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