Lily Collins' Soft Brown Glam Solidifies Hot Cocoa-Chic Makeup As This Winter’s Biggest Beauty Trend

Warm and cozy.

Lily Collins with blunt bangs and long wavy brown hair.

Emily in Paris fans, rejoice. Netflix’s buzzy rom-com series is due to hit the streaming service later this month, and viewers can surely count on another season chock-full of bold, bright looks from the show’s star, Lily Collins. In the first two seasons, her character made a splash with larger-than-life curls, a penchant for red lipstick, and borderline zany outfits. Of course, the actor’s signature blunt bangs also made an appearance in the series — and at last night’s premiere. On the Parisian-themed red carpet, Lily Collins’ matte brown lipstick and choppy, face-framing layers sufficiently stirred up even more excitement for the season 3 debut while also serving as the perfect winter beauty inspo.

Clearly inspired by her light brown YSL gown, Collins went for a monochromatic makeup look that proved to be just as soft and romantic as the stunning gathered details down the middle of the dress. Makeup artist Aurélie Payen, who also serves as the makeup supervisor of Emily in Paris, leaned into the recent resurgence of the ‘90s brown lip as the main attraction of Collins’ beat. The warm terracotta shade perfectly complimented the star’s ensemble while playing up her dark hair and eyes. The rest of the makeup was kept quite simple, with what appeared to be a dusting of light brown eyeshadow and peachy blush.

It’s not exactly surprising to see a star of Collins’ caliber embracing the brown makeup aesthetic. ‘90s glam has been bubbling up among celebrity beauty trends for years and has reached a full-on revival, with stars like Hailey Bieber and Rihanna embracing looks like “brownie glazed lips”, aka brown lip liner and gloss. Brown nails have also been on the rise, particularly in recent weeks as the cozy season marches on.

TikTok is also loving the brown makeup trend, particularly when it comes to lips. The hashtag #brownvirallipbalm has over 55 million views, with users sharing buzzy brown lip balms from brands like Glossier, Summer Fridays, and Fenty Beauty.

With an array of brown lip products hitting the market and so many celebrities trying out the look, all signs point to “hot cocoa-chic” as one of winter’s biggest beauty trends. So go ahead, pour yourself a cup.