Kylie Jenner & Her Daughter Just Got The Cutest Matching Manicures

“Stormi, you look like mommy baby.”

Kylie and stormi

Even if kids aren’t exactly your thing, letting out an involuntary awww at sweet parent-child moments is just human nature. Something about seeing a full-grown adult indulging a plastic princess crown — or, conversely, a baby in a tiny suit and tie — just melts hearts. Kylie Jenner’s mother-daughter manicure moment says it all. Watching sweet (not-so) baby Stormi waggle her little nail rhinestones manicure next to her mom’s is more than just squeal-inducing, though — she may be just four years old, but her manicure is majorly trendy. Did Stormi just become the youngest ‘nailfluencer’ of all time? Trendsetting is in her genes, after all.

Jenner shared the adorable behind-the-scenes video to her TikTok account, showing off her latest nail look in the process. For her manicure, Jenner stuck to the long, almond-shaped nails she’s been loving this year, a somewhat major departure from the coffin shape she helped popularize. She seems to be embracing beauty minimalism more and more these days, so the sleek, glossy nude shade chosen isn’t a major surprise. The centerpiece of her look is the delicate, gleaming rhinestone carefully placed towards the nail tips, which Stormi opted for in her own manicure. But where mom played it safe, she’s going bold. Stormi’s nails are a cheery citrus orange — if she was reading nail trend pieces along with her usual bedtime stories, it wouldn’t be a total surprise.

For those who keep up with Jenner and her growing family, you’re probably familiar with Stormi’s stylish proclivities. She wears slicked buns and dainty hoops on private jets, stars in international beauty campaigns, and even accompanies her mogul mom to business events. Of course, the icon-in-training still has plenty of time to just enjoy being a kid as she watches cartoons and rides her bike. Granted, she does it wearing a vault’s worth of immaculate diamonds, though. If this latest mother-daughter moment is any indication Stormi is on the cusp of her mini influencer era and no doubt will make Mama Kylie proud.