Kourtney Kardashian's Fuchsia Eyeshadow Makes A Case For Bold Spring Makeup

All pink everything.

by Sara Spruch-Feiner

Though spring makeup typically calls to mind pastel shades, take a cue from Kourtney Kardashian's latest eye makeup look, and don't be afraid to go a little bolder. As seen below, the star donned a fuchsia eye, with the color reaching up to her brow bone, topped off with big, bold lashes. Her lips were nude and glossy and the rest of her face looks fairly bare — allowing the bright eyes to shine. Kardashian tagged makeup artist Rokael.

To get the look, start by picking a favorite matte bold eyeshadow (if you want to stick to fuchsia, check the picks below). "It’s imperative that the shadow is super blendable for this kind of soft gradation look," celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno says to TZR.

"You’ll ideally need three brushes — one flat/fluffy eyeshadow brush, one blender brush, and one medium or small (depending on the size of your lids) dome-shaped brush. The dome brush will be for more precise placement of the most bold of color towards the lash line and in the crease (if you have a crease)," she says.

You'll also need a lighter shade, she notes, that is "similar, but much less bold," noting that, in Kardashian's case, it looks apricot. "You’ll want to use the flat eyeshadow brush to press that in from lash line to brow. Then you’ll take your dome-shaped brush and pick up your bold matte color, like the fuchsia and place that color, starting right above your pupil, along your lash line towards the outer corner." Then, use your blender brush to work that color up your lid, into your crease, and blur the edges all around, so the color is diffused across the outer third of your entire lid area," Denno explains.

"Use your fluffy blender to barely blend the edges, but make sure not to disrupt the intensity of color you just artfully placed," she says. Then, "take your first brush and swipe the mix of shadows under your lower lash line and blend with a cotton swab, if needed, to make sure there is just a wash of color." Finally, use a dark black liner to line your upper lash line close to the lashes, and add your favorite strip lash. For the finishing touches, Denno recommends "taking champagne highlighter to the inner corner either with a finger or a small brush and swiping the lower lashes with some black mascara."

Shop bold fuchsia shadows below:

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