Bruna Marquezine Is Spilling All Of Her Supermodel Beauty Secrets

Catching up with YSL Beauty’s newest U.S. ambassador.

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In TZR’s Face Time, celebrities and tastemakers share the nitty-gritty details of their beauty and wellness routines — from holy-grail products to non-negotiable treatments.

Supermodel secrets and actors’ favorite products are notoriously difficult to extract. You can ask a highly specific question about skin care, for instance, and get a vague response about “drinking more water” or “meditating.” When it comes model-actor Bruna Marquezine, though, just named YSL Beauty’s newest, freshest face, she’s the type who would crack open her bag to see what’s in there and likely even hand it over for you to borrow. The Brazilian-born beauty feels no need to gatekeep, instead happily sharing the tips, tricks, and favorite products she’s gotten acquainted with recently, and they all run the gamut from designer picks to relying on the power of good, old-fashioned tropical humidity.

When TZR sat down to speak with Marquezine, it was clear that she was an ideal choice for YSL Beauty’s U.S. ambassadorship. Not only does she have a longstanding relationship with the brand as a consumer, but her emotive expressions and acting ability help bring the new campaigns surrounding the new Candy Glaze Gloss Stick to life.

Ahead, get acquainted with the It girl’s most beloved beauty products, techniques, and philosophies.

YSL Beauty / Adrian Martin

On Her Nighttime Skin Care Routine

“I use three different products at night. Usually I just remove everything I have on — makeup, sunscreen, all that. I wash my face, I use a face mist, and then depending on the night, I use a serum or a cream. These three I use every night. Back home [in Brazil], I don't wear a lot of moisturizer [like I do] when I'm traveling here in New York because of the weather — then I have to wear a bit of moisturizer.”

On Her Morning Skin Care Routine

“It’s pretty similar in the morning. I wake up and wash my face. But back home, I wash when I go to bed and when I wake up. But when I'm traveling, when I'm outside of Brazil, especially like L.A. and New York, now I'm trying this new thing of not washing your face [in the morning], just washing once a day. I still feel weird about it, but I'm trying. But when I'm back home, I wash my face when I wake up as well. And then I do a serum, or whatever my my skin is asking for, and top with my sunscreen. With time, if you take the time to get to know your skin and learn how to read it, you’ll understand what you need.

I’m obsessed with my Brazilian dermatologist, Paola — she’s the best. I still need to find my person outside Brazil, especially in L.A.”


On Her Makeup Must-Haves

“I'm a lip girl and blush girl. Right now, I'm wearing and am obsessed with the YSL Beauty Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick. It looks really natural and feels really great, and also it's something that you can wear every day and also to go out. I don’t wear Chapstick anymore, this is my go-to. And I'm obsessed with blush. I really love products that are creamy or liquid because they look more natural. Also, I'm obsessed with the YSL Beauty Touché Eclat pen because of how light it is. It's just something that is so easy to apply — I basically have one in every bag. It's so light on the skin, and you look like you slept eight hours.”

On Her Hair Routine

“I don’t wear a lot of stuff but after I shower, I’m obsessed with Olaplex. There’s this Philip Lim product I wear after I shower that I mix with Olaplex Step 6. I have thin hair that changes with the weather so back home, it gets curlier. I like to wear this mist with coconut water in it that’s super light, but it makes your curls look fresh. It smells really nice.”

On Her Wellness Routine

“For me, it’s easier to have a healthy diet — it makes me feel better. I need to sleep well, eat well, and try to exercise. When I’m traveling, I look up quick workouts online just so I feel mentally better. When I’m back home, it’s easier for me to have a wellness routine, but when I’m traveling, I just try my best to do things that make me feel grounded and like I’m taking care of myself.”