Zero-Effort Appetizers That Are Sure To Impress, Courtesy of Elsa Hosk

Last-minute parties made easy.

Elsa Hosk / Instagram

There’s perhaps no time more rife with last-minute parties than summer. The weather’s beautiful, the pools are open, and the holidays are aplenty, making it hard to resist another backyard BBQ anytime you’re presented with a wide-open Saturday. That said, there are challenges that come with that — namely, feeding a group with little to no planning, especially if you’re trying to impress. Apparently, though, that doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems, if Elsa Hosk’s go-to appetizers are any indication.

The model proved her expertise in serving a crowd with a July 12 Instagram post that demonstrated a professional-level display of food for what seemed to be a watch party for the Euro 2020 final soccer game. “England lost but at least my game food was on point,” she cheekily captioned the photo. Hosk was right on both points: Italy won, but her colorful spread was worthy of a winning goal.

Shockingly, though, nothing complicated was included. The 32-year-old stuck entirely to simple appetizers, seemingly focusing more on freshness and presentation than hard-to-cook or time-consuming recipes. It looked as appetizing as it did beautiful — a true testament to the fact that you can impress your guests without having to go overboard.

And yes, recreating it is no doubt an easy feat. The majority of Hosk’s appetizers were made of of platters of fresh vegetables like carrots, sugar snap peas, and bell peppers, cut up into easy-to-grab sticks. To supplement those, the model added bread, thin slices of meat, nuts, and a selection of cheese. A few dips scattered throughout the table completed the spread.

Once you have your ingredients, all that’s required is a little effort put into presentation. Again, Hosk took a simple method with this: She arranged most of the food in organized circles — think veggies spread around a dip or cheese, or meats arranged around olives and pickles. For the rest, she mostly relied on scattering items across rustic boards, giving the entire table an curated yet effortless effect. Decor such as a veined vase and rounded candle holder elevated the look to give it a party-appropriate vibe.

For seasoned home chefs or enthusiastic party planners, dedicating ample time to intricate food spreads can be as much fun as the event itself. But if you’re not in that boat or just find yourself in a pinch, there’s no shame in trying something a little easier. Elsa Hosk’s go-to appetizers are proof that simple, last-minute preparation doesn’t have to look like you tried any less.

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