This Is What Daisy Ridley Likes To Do When She's Not Filming

Her hobbies are similar to yours.

by Lauren Tegtmeyer
Sam E H Hooper
Daisy Ridley is TZR's March 2021 cover star and stars in an exclusive video with TZR.
The Spring Issue

It's no secret that Daisy Ridley's big break came from her landing the role of Rey in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Since then, however, the actor has tackled numerous other film genres that have solidified her as a Hollywood star like her role in the mystery movie Murder on the Orient Express (2017) and her channeling Ophelia in the re-imagined Hamlet classic Ophelia (2018). Her latest film, too, is different — a dystopian sci-fi piece titled Chaos Walking, out March 5. Ahead of its release, Ridley sat down to chat with TZR about her new movie and participated in an exclusive video. Here, she reflects on her acting journey and how she navigates the elusive idea that is fame. "I want to be great when people come up [to me]," she tells TZR. "Ultimately, people are always really nice."

Like any actor thrusted into the spotlight, and into a series with an ardent fanbase, it can be a lot to take in at once. Ridley, however, has managed to do it with grace and elegance over the years. Watch the full video, below, to hear Ridley talk about her big break in 2015 and what she now does on her off days for relaxation. (Hint: she loves to unwind with books and "crap" television.) Then, watch Chaos Walking as Ridley takes on a whole new persona.