These Celebrity Closets Are A Treasure Trove Of Organization Ideas

From Oprah, Kourtney Kardashian, and more.

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For fashion lovers, it's hard not to be envious of celebrity closets; they're bursting with incredible clothing, often massive, and usually arranged to perfection. While it's kind of hard for the average person to recreate the former two characteristics, though, one thing that pretty much anyone can copy from their favorite stars' wardrobes is their closet organization ideas.

Sure, you may not be able to incorporate a full wall of shoe shelving or built-in drawers, but the ways in which celebs store their clothes offer a surprising amount of takeaways that are adaptable to nearly any space, big or small. And thankfully for those whose closets could use a bit of an overhaul right now, Instagram has a wealth of inspiration you can learn from.

That said, not all their tricks are noticeable right away, especially if you get easily distracted by the sheer amount of stuff each person owns (trust, you wouldn't be the only one). Which is why TZR did a deep dive into some of the best A-listers' closets to break down the best ideas for you. From Oprah's tiny (but genius) addition to Carrie Underwood's useful trick, nine closet organization tips you'll want to copy immediately, ahead.

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Closet Organization Idea: Include Furniture

The idea of furniture and closets don’t always go together, but if there’s anyone that could convince you to try it, it’s Tan France. The Queer Eye star’s attic closet brilliantly utilizes a dresser-esque piece to make use of an awkward space at the end and add new ways of storing clothing.

Closet Organization Idea: Display Your Treasures

Not everything needs to be hidden away — especially if you have treasured pieces that make you happy to look at every day (which Claudia Schiffer clearly does). Find a spot in your closet that’s easy to see, or even invest in a case, and then merchandise your accessories so that they’re shown off, rather than stuffed into place.

Closet Organization Idea: Add Freestanding Shelves

Maybe you have a rental with a big closet but few storage options, or you just can’t shell out thousands of dollars to install custom shelving in your wardrobe. Whatever the case, freestanding shelves like Chiara Ferragni’s are the solution. Buy as many as you can fit, and use them to stack folded sweaters, jeans, shoes, and more.

Closet Organization Idea: Utilize Boxes

Pretty much everyone has those random accessories and trinkets they rarely use, but don't want to give away. If you count yourself in that group, follow Molly Sims' lead and invest in a few boxes (bonus points if they're opaque). That way, you can hide your things out of sight, and maybe add a little style to your closet at the same time.

Closet Organization Idea: Alternate Shoe Directions

Too many shoes? Take notes from Kourtney Kardashian, who employs a simple-but-brilliant trick to fit them all on her shelves. Rather than just lining them all up to face the same way, flip-flop their directions to allow for more space on each surface. You'll still be able to see them, but you'll be able to include a lot more (i.e. you'll have room to buy new ones).

Closet Organization Idea: Incorporate Lighting

It's not very fun to dig through your dark closet on hurried mornings, trying in vain to find that black top that just seems to blend in with everything. Carrie Underwood has a solution for that. Instead of using your phone flashlight, install some lighting around the space to illuminate spots that are particularly difficult to see. And no, you don't have to get that fancy with it — a plug-in sconce or even a battery-powered motion light will do the trick just fine.

Closet Organization Idea: Place Hooks & Pegs Throughout

Love to plan? Make sorting your daily outfits easier with a few hooks placed throughout (or even right outside of) your closet á la Oprah. That way, you can separate what you're wearing from the rest of your clothes, while also visualizing each piece together. It's an easy trick that will make your closet feel so much more luxe and intentional.

Closet Organization Idea: Color Coordinate

It's one of the oldest tricks in the book — and that's because it works. Countless celebrities (including January Jones, the queen of fun outfits) utilize the color-coded method of organizing in their closets, which makes it easy to find what you're looking for and also to keep your stuff tidy year-round. Like the Mad Men actor, you can do it with more than just clothing, too — purses, shoes, it works with it all.

Closet Organization Idea: Add Dividers

Whether you have a lot of purses like Mindy Kaling or your sweater shelf is overflowing, dividers are always a good idea. Plus, they're typically inexpensive — so including a few of these at the top of your closet can be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to infuse some order into your wardrobe.

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