Christina Ricci Is The New Face Of Lancer Skincare & Sharing All Her Top Tips

The star tells TZR everything.

Jenna Greene / Lancer Skincare
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The best brand partnerships are those that feel truly organic, and it doesn’t get much more grassroots than Christina Ricci and Lancer Skincare. She’s always taken her complexion seriously, she tells TZR, but it’s unsurprising that her focus was taken up a few notches when she moved to Los Angeles and found herself in in Dr. Harold Lancer’s well-appointed office. She left with a newfound appreciation for the dermatologist’s signature approach to skin as well as a handful of products she now can’t live without. Now, five years later, Ricci’s love for Lancer Skincare becomes all the more official with the announcement of her new role as the brand’s Global Ambassador, serving as the (extremely glowy) face of all sorts of fresh launches and ad campaigns coming all year long.

Ricci first discovered Dr. Lancer through reputation alone, seeking out his services because, as she tells, TZR, he’s considered the best in LA. He immediately put her on a transformative new regimen, which included the line’s signature The Method: Polish exfoliant — and Ricci was hooked. That was the first Lancer product the award-winning star fell in love with, and she’s just as dedicated to it — and spreading the word on its efficacy — today.

Courtesy Of Lancer / Christina Ricci

If there were ever a celebrity to trust with their skin care recommendation, you instantly get the sense that it’s Ricci. She’s been dedicated to meticulously caring for her own complexion for decades, her way of combatting what she describes as a less-than-healthy lifestyle. “I smoked all through my 20s and I liked to party when I was young, and so I always used products that were for anti-aging,” she explains. “People would say, ‘you're too young for this, you don't need this.’ No, you really don’t understand, I do,” she laughs. “That’s always been my main concern.” And with a famously luminous face just weeks shy of 44, it certainly seems like she was onto something.

Ricci relies on a slew of Lancer best-sellers both in her day-to-day life and ahead of major events, and she says that her daily routine and red carpet prep process aren’t too different — she just kicks her favorites into high gear. “I definitely make sure that I’m resurfacing my skin to begin with and then putting stuff on my skin that is going to tighten and look amazing and just give the best base for makeup,” Ricci tells TZR.

Courtesy Of Lancer / Christina Ricci

She’ll always start with The Method: Polish, sometimes leaving it on the skin for longer to bolster its effects, then use the Caviar Lime Acid Peel “because it really does just take all the dead skin off your face”, before smoothing on a Lift And Plump Sheet Mask. She’ll even pop on a pair of the new Hydrogel Eye Patches to let them work their cooling, invigorating magic while she finishes getting glam. “Those I use, and I like to leave those on while I'm getting my makeup done, just leave them on as long as possible.”

Ricci also has an eye cream trick that, while used for grueling red carpet schedules, is applicable to anyone gearing up for a long day. She’ll layer on the Lancer Legacy Eye Treatment Duo’s morning-friendly formula first — it’s filled with stimulating caffeine, crushed pearl, and brightening botanicals — before apply the richer, evening-specific cream a few hours later. “Sometimes you hit the carpet at like 2:30 and you're not going home until 8:30 at night or something, so you want to make sure nothing dries out during that time,” Ricci explains.

The star’s genuine dedication to the line is obvious both in her radiant complexion and the palpable excitement the self-proclaimed skin care obsessive has discussing it all. Even speaking with her in a professional capacity, it was impossible to not pop open a few shopping tabs on the Lancer site as she walked through the benefits of her most beloved go-tos. Clearly, this matchup was meant to be.

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