Celebrities Are Going Full-Force On Winter Nails & They’re All So Different

They nailed it.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year — for celebrity winter nails, that is. Virtually overnight, stars traded in their fall favorites for the new season, but their individual definitions of winter manis are as varied as they are. Ahead, some of the best looks ripe for recreation.

While cheerful reds and glitter-covered everything most often come to mind, there’s no chicer winter nail color than a snowy white, and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ rounded manicure at her Disney+ series premiere proves it.Araya Doheny/WireImage/Getty Images
The brown nail trend shows no signs of slowing down this winter, especially with celebrity fans like Lily Collins in its corner. Collin’s deep chocolate mani, which features an elongated almond shape, matches absolutely everything.@lilyjcollins
Rihanna’s latest look might be the most Rihanna combination ever — while her glossy red nails are a winter classic, her ethereal, Tiffany-blue eye look is sunshine in eyeshadow form. 305pics/GC Images/Getty Images
Why stick with one winter nail color when you can go for every color? Selena Gomez’s rainbow manicure stopped fans mid-scroll when it first hit Instagram, and has lived rent-free in millions of minds ever sense.Frazer Harrison/Variety/Getty Images
Burgundy lipstick and nails have absolutely ruled winter 2022, and the shade will definitely spill over into next year and straight into spring. As Zoe Saldaña perfectly demonstrates, the moody color is at once sultry, sophisticated, and subtly eye-catching.David M. Benett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Gwen Stefani is constantly gravitating toward extreme, campy looks for new episodes of The Voice, but her black-and-white checkered nails hit a high note. The checkerboard style is becoming increasingly popular this winter, with variations in color and finish already spotted on other celebs, too.@erierinailz
Cardi B already made headlines earlier this season for stepping outside the seasonal comfort zone with sunshine yellow nails on Thanksgiving — and these ultra-long baby blue nails for winter just prove how fun doing your own thing can be.@iamcardib
Always the aesthetic risk-taker, Kim Kardashian stepped out of her manicure comfort zone several times this year by swapping her typically short, natural nails for extreme lengths and cool designs. These stiletto nails, coated in a nudey-pink, are always a safe choice for winter.MEGA/GC Images/Getty Images
Hilariously declaring herself “100% that Grinch” on Instagram, Lizzo’s all-out commitment to her Christmas look continues with some very detailed winter nails. Her Grinch nails are long and almond-shaped, and totally covered in rhinestones, glitter, and every shade of green.@erierinailz
Dua Lipa was one of the earliest adopters of the chrome nail craze, but she’s never worn the same look twice. Her chrome swirl nails are not only textured to the touch, but feature an unexpected but totally winter-friendly shade of grape.@dualipa

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