Celebrities Know Winter Glamour Is All About A Bold Burgundy Lip

Endless inspo ahead.

Walter McBride/WireImage/Getty Images
Kerry Washington in burgundy lipstick and highlighted curls attends the Broadway Loyalty Program Aud...

Is there any lipstick color so perfect for winter as a burgundy? Even beyond the holidays, the rich, deep shade — a blend of red, brown, and purple — adds an eye-grabbing element to any look. Is it any wonder stars love it? Here, explore the best celebrity burgundy lipstick inspo to get you started.

Rihanna’s worn (and personally created) every lipstick color under the sun, but few shades compare to burgundy. Paired with her pink gingham blazer and split curtain bangs, the dark lipstick adds a chic, moody twist to her otherwise prim-and-pretty look.Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images