The OG Supermodels Reunited On The Versace Runway And It Was Everything

Move aside, Gigi Hadid as a bouquet of flowers at Moschino. The OG supermodels are here, and they just owned the Versace runway. We’re talking Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Carla Bruni. They reunited to close the show as a tribute to Gianni Versace, who was murdered 20 years ago. They were clothed in golden gowns and served up some serious lewks with a side of shutting it down.

We have goose bumps and also zero chill about this moment.

Versace posted this image to its Instagram account.

And goddess/makeup artist Pat McGrath recorded a video.

Awkward timing, but we feel like we should mention that we’re reporting this from beyond the grave, because these images slayed us.