This Model’s Genius Advice On Staying Confident (Even When Things Are Tough)

While you may recognize Jordyn Woods from her BFF Kylie Jenner’s social media accounts, the Wilhelmina-repped model has also made a name for herself in the industry. She’s known for her body-positive outlook (just peep her Instagram and Twitter accounts for some inspiring words of wisdom). In a new interview with Obsessee, she gets real about maintaining her confidence amid “the false realities of what people create with editing and Photoshop.”

Jordyn says that while maintaining her self-confidence is an ongoing battle, she found it easier when she realized that she just had to own who she is. “Individuality is our greatest gift,” she says. “Your confidence is who you are. It’s your essence.”

She tells Obsessee: “It takes time to come into yourself and realize your worth and realize your place and try to fit in, and for some people, it doesn’t happen until way later in life, but, luckily for me, I realize I am around people, and I can’t try to be like anyone else because I am me, and that’s what’s cool about me. No one else is me, no one else looks like me, has my body type, and I don’t look like them, so why would I try to fit in these standards and fit in this clothing? Why don’t I just own who I am and do what I can to my best ability and feel good about myself? Because if I feel good about myself, then no one can really say anything to me that will affect me.” THIS.

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