Kourtney Kardashian Addresses Those Baby Rumors In A Hilarious Way

The Kardashian Baby Rumor Extravaganza (TM) is a literal epic—seriously, the total number of stories written about these girls’ uteruses probably has a higher word count than The Odyssey. One day Kim is posing in a tree totally naked like she’s not fully aware that half her family is impregnated, the next day (relatively speaking) her surrogate plus two of her sisters are reportedly pregnant. (ICYMI: Kim’s surrogate is pregnant, and Khloé and Kylie are also allegedly pregnant.) You win, Kardashians. We can’t keep up.

We mean, the jokes about this situation practically write themselves (she says as she struggles to think of something clever), so it’s no wonder that Ellen DeGeneres made it a whole thing on the Halloween episode of her show. Ellen dresses up as “Karla,” the other Kardashian sister, complete with a platinum blonde wig, long, manicured nails, a leopard jumpsuit and faux baby bump.

“I have breaking news,” she tells the audience. “Kourtney is also pregnant.” An audible gasp can be heard throughout the audience. Kourtney then walks onto the stage and tells Ellen-as-Karla, “Stop making rumors up about me. I’m not pregnant.” Karla regroups quickly though, saying she got mixed up and that it’s Kendall who is actually pregnant. “I know that for a fact,” she says. At which point Kendall walks on stage and tells Karla she is definitely not pregnant, and also to “chill.” Fair. Everyone does need to chill.

We seriously applaud Kourtney and Kendall for having a sense of humor about all this pregnancy speculation. But also, how can you not laugh when pulling a fake nail out of Ellen DeGeneres’ fake cleavage? Check out the clip below.