Kim Kardashian West Just Got Political On Twitter

Jackson Lee / Splash News

Not only is Kim Kardashian West back to being a regular fixture of social media (after a recent hiatus), but she also seems less concerned with voicing her opinion than ever. Previously Kim’s unabashedly shared her thoughts about her haters (insert topless, middle-fingers-up photo here) and backed her husband in his feud with Taylor Swift by releasing some privately recorded videos—all without seeming to give a single eff. And despite the fact that her hubby has made some pretty public moves in support of President Donald Trump, Kim also doesn’t seem to have a problem dropping less-than-subtle hints that she’s not such a big fan.

First came her lamenting the leave of our previous POTUS with a handful of photos over inauguration weekend, and now—in light of Trump’s ban of travelers from seven predominantly Muslim counties—she’s taken to Twitter to let us know that she’s not staying silent when it comes to her political beliefs. Last night Kim posted a listing of statistics for how many Americans have been killed annually by Islamic Jihadist immigrants versus things like lawnmowers, armed toddlers, and, er, far right-wing terrorists for example (worth noting: the latter three were all higher). Undoubtedly expressing her political thoughts will be polarizing among fans, but we’ve got a feeling Kim’s not too concerned with anyone who’s questioning her right to share her thoughts about our current political climate (*hair flip Kimoji*). We can’t wait to see what else this bolder-than-ever girl’s got to say.