This Is How Kim Kardashian West Is Spending Her 37th Birthday Weekend

Last we heard, birthday girl Kim Kardashian West—who turned 37 years young on Saturday—was potentially the victim of yet another robbery on Friday. Thank goodness it doesn’t seem the unfortunate event is putting a damper on her weekend plans. Kim stated on her app that she’d be having a very low-key affair, indulging in Khloé’s famous strawberry cobbler and a Hansen’s cake (a family favorite), but given the photos she just shared to Instagram stories, things are a little more luxe than she let on. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star snapped a signature bikini selfie in the reflection of what at first looked to be a regular patio door, but as the story went on, we caught a glimpse of her stunning desert surroundings. And just where is this picturesque locale? It appears Mrs. West is vacationing in Canyon Point, Utah (we were surprised too), where luxury resort Amangiri is located. She even hashtagged the hotel in one photo, which has us wondering if she’s just trying to throw us off. Conspiracy or not, this place looks like a dream and we hope wherever Kim is spending the weekend, she’s having the time of her life.

Via @kimkardashian