Kanye Joins Instagram, Everyone Freaks Out

GC Images

Back in March, Kanye teased his 26 million Twitter followers by saying his first-ever Instagram account may be forthcoming. Not surprisingly though, he had one caveat.

It looks like this morning was the chosen moment to unveil West’s Insta-art to the world, as a verified account for the performer has popped up. And for his first ‘gram? A moody night shot of a sleek, modern structure and a suited man driving some sort of vehicle.

Yeah, we’re not totally sure it means either, but it seems like fans have already begun to freak out about the new development. Three hours after the image was posted, over 25,000 comments had already been left. Sentiments ranged from praise (i.e. “Yes!!! I love this Rap Genius” and “The World’s Icon is here!”) to disregard (“you late asf”). But mostly everyone was curious about why West is currently following, um, no one. Classic Kanye, right? See what art he drops next by following his account here.