We Just Got A Closer Look At Lauren Conrad’s Adorable Baby Boy

Homepage Image: Getty Images

Almost two months ago, we got our first peek at Lauren Conrad’s new bundle of joy, Liam, when the fashion mogul shared photos of her little family with People. After that, the closest thing we got to a glimpse of the baby boy was three weeks ago, when he appeared—albeit in a blurry, back-of-the-head way—in Conrad’s Instagram tribute to her wedding anniversary. But today, we got an intimate look at how he’s grown when she turned to social media to share the cutest photo of Liam. From under a blue and white striped blanket, Lauren snapped a pic of her son (those lashes!) sweetly sleeping in a matching onesie—because of course this stylish mama was going to keep it coordinated. Looks like these two have their cozy Sunday plans in full swing. Actually, that gives us an idea as to how to spend the rest of our day—thanks, you two!