Gigi And Zayn Adopted Another Puppy And He Is Predictably Adorable

Today we received a press release with the subject line: GIGI AND ZAYN EXPAND THE FAMILY WITH NEW PUPPY. We mean, what were we going to do, not click on that email? Especially since science just said that having a dog is great for your health. (Actually, even if science told us dogs are the root cause of our candida overgrowth we still would have clicked because, puppies—but we digress.)

We’re going to set aside the fact that the most publicity we’d get from adopting a dog is our mom sharing a photo on Facebook and focus on what’s really important: how cute the puppy is. Take a peek.

According to the release sent by Wag!, an on-demand dog-walking company Gigi uses, the couple’s new pup is a Labrador mix and a rescue. They also have a French bulldog who makes frequent appearances on their social media accounts and is also predictably adorable. So far this is the only pic we’ve seen of their new furry friend, but we’re sure there are more to come.