We’ve Got Reason To Believe Your Favorite Girl Group Is Staging A Comeback

Getty Images

We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who fully fangirled a few years ago when Destiny’s Child made a comeback during the 2013 Super Bowl—even if it was only for a hot minute. But now Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle might be giving fans the heads up that another reunion is in store. Last week—just in time to celebrate the 11th anniversary of their single “Girl” earning gold record status—a certified Instagram account for the massively popular pop trio quietly emerged and slowly but surely the news has spread. Since showing up, two more posts were added to the feed, each boasting another DC stat. Okay ladies, we love the walk down memory lane but don’t string us along! Is this new account evidence of a forthcoming new album or another public performance? While we patiently await for confirmation, we’ll be following the new feed—even if it just results in some epic aughts throwback pics.