5 Times Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Proved They Were Relationship Goals

When we woke up this morning and caught a glimpse of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend in onesie pajamas on Instagram, we once again breathed a deep sigh in admiration of their utterly adorable relationship. But besides the fact that these two aren’t afraid to get totally goofy, there are many reasons the couple defines relationship goals: their love and support for one another is regularly documented (cut to that gif of Chrissy crying as John received a Golden Globe), they’re totally relatable (minus the red carpet moments, private jets, and date nights with other mega-famous couples), and it’s clear these two still look at their other like the heart-eyes emoji (never forget the time Chrissy shared the beauty of John’s bum). All that said, we thought it was the perfect time to scour the ‘gram for the top five moments these two had us reneging our vow to stop saying the phrase “goals.” Because, quite honestly, there’s no better word to describe their down-to-earth and downright darling dynamic.


At a pajama party Saturday night, John looked at his wife like she was the sexiest woman alive—even in a KFC onesie.


The politically active couple (along with baby Luna) spread a message of love with fans following election results they were admittedly disheartened by.


They don't always have to go glam for date nights.


After being open with her struggles to get pregnant, Chrissy's Instagram baby announcement) with John sweetly touching her bourgeoning belly) was about the sweetest thing we've ever seen.


That epic Waffle House moment when we realized their double date game was next level.