Chrissy Teigen Just Gave A Complete Stranger This Unbelievable Gift

Getty Images

We already have a ton of reasons to adore Chrissy Teigen: her extreme honesty (about her postpartum depression or political feelings, for example), her ability to eat junk food with abandon, her love of all cheesy reality shows (we hear you, girl), and her insanely adorable family. But we weren’t prepared for the totally selfless move she just pulled: footing the bill for a total stranger’s beauty school tuition. On Friday night Mercedes Edney, a North Carolinian woman who wanted to further her interest in skincare by getting her esthetician license, took to Twitter to announce that the online fundraising goal she’d set had been not only met, but exceeded after Teigen donated more than $5,600 to the cause. “So excited to see you fulfill your dream!” the model and host wrote in response to Edney’s public expression of gratitude.

Saturday, Edney—who had previously invested everything she had into starting her own natural skincare company, Ixora Botanical Beauty—showed her Instagram followers that she had already taken the first step in fulfilling her dream: She made the downpayment for the school. This is exactly the kind of news we need to remember that there are legit guardian angels among us—and some of them are dressed as Sports Illustrated models.