Blue Ivy Freestyling Is The Best Thing That Happened This Week

Our beloved Queen Bey and her new twins may have been the hot topic of conversation lately, but her first born is the one making headlines this week. Blue Ivy just took center stage Friday as her father’s album 4:44 came out with a bonus track titled “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family,” featuring her (as the title hints), freestyling for the first time, ever. Since the song is a bonus track and can’t be previewed, just picture a five-year-old trying to rap. Yes, it’s about as adorable as you would imagine (check out Genius’ take on her lyrics). Blue made her debut in a way fitting of a Carter, putting her skills on a track and making everyone instantly fall in love with her. We can’t wait to see and hear what else is in store for Beyoncé’s oldest daughter, as we know that it’s sure to be truly epic.