Blue Ivy And Beyoncé Share A Seriously Enviable Mommy-And-Me Moment

If you weren’t wearing custom Gucci when you were 4—or, like some of us, you still aren’t—you may want to brace yourself for Bey’s latest Instagram. The new post includes adorable images of Bey and Blue Ivy wearing matching custom Gucci denim jackets embroidered with flower, butterfly and bird patches, along with the French words “l’aveugle par amour.” “Blinded by love”, as it translates, is a pretty appropriate description of how we feel while looking at these images, though “blinded by jealousy” might be even more accurate. We can’t help but wonder if Beyoncé has any interest in adoption and, if so, what her age cut-off might be for an adoptee—we can totally squeeze into pint-size pieces.