7 Times Britney Spears’ Instagram Was Too Good For This World

Blackout, the album that gave us classic phrases like “It’s Britney b****” and “Get naked,” came out ten years ago. Since then, Brit-Brit has been up to a lot—a residency in Vegas, dinner with Mariah Carey and curating an absolute gem of an Instagram account. Seriously, it’s delightful and all other celebrity Instagram accounts are cancelled. Don’t believe us? Here are seven times she was too pure for this garbage world.

That Time She Taught Us How To Paint

That Time She Posted This Biologically Incorrect But Still Wonderful Quote

That Time She Was Basically An Olympian

That Time She Captioned A Nietzsche Quote With The Heel, Butterfly, Ribbon And Winky Face Emojis

That Time She Put On Her Own Fashion Show

That Time When She Just Got Us

That Other Time She Put On Her Own Fashion Show