What Bella Hadid Believes Propelled Her To Stardom

Anyone with eyes could tell you of Bella Hadid’s striking beauty—but, as we all know, drop-dead gorgeous looks aren’t the only attribute that guarantee success. In the of-the-moment model’s new interview with Elle UK, she talks everything from her early appearances on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (in which mother Yolanda is a main cast member), her social media following and her continuing ascent to superstardom. When asked to what she attributes her resounding success, she answered: “I think that always being nice is something that makes you stand out … having a good personality.” An answer we applaud, and one that seems to be echoed by the “you can sit with us” mentality of the millennial generation, it’s of course not the only reason Bella now has nearly 5 million Instagram followers and a barrage of designer contracts under her belt—but it is one that makes us love and respect her all the more. Check out the rest of her July cover story on ElleUK.com.