Where To Get Emily Ratajkowski's Body Vase — And 10 Others Just Like It

Because this viral decor trend is here to stay.

Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram

Of all the viral home decor trends to originate in the past couple of years, the celebration of the female form through art might be one of the most pervasive. Thanks to artists like Anissa Kermiche, whose Love Handles vases have thoroughly permeated the Instagram accounts of influencers and celebrities all over the world, bath mats honoring women's curves and vessels in the shape of butts have all but taken over. That's not about to change anytime soon, either. Some of social media's (and the world's) most influential people are still embracing this trend, including Emily Ratajkwoski, whose own body-shaped vase graced her account as recently as Feb. 21.

Unsurprisingly, it appears Ratajkowski went with one of the most notable pieces from this trend — i.e. that Anissa Kermiche vase that Instagram loves so much. The model revealed the vessel in a recent Instagram Story, showing the bright orange version atop her dark green coffee table. Her use of it not only showed an understanding of trends, but also how versatile these cheeky vases can be — thanks to their fun and artistic quality, they're able to easily stand alone, while at the same time serving as a flower holder if needed.

Emily Ratajkowski / Instagram

While it's true that most large Love Handles vases from this particular artist will run you close to $500, there are thankfully plenty of other similar options that celebrate the female form (and just bodies in general) for a more accessible price. And, they come in many different shapes — so you don't have to stick with hips if you'd rather have something in the form of, say, a torso or a face.

Working with a bigger budget? There are some equally artistic finds to peruse as well, which are great on their own or serve as great complements to Ratajkowski's piece, in case you already own one of those and just want to beef up your collection.

Whatever your situation and preference, just know that the body-inspired vases like Ratajkowski's are sure to be in style for a while. So continue scrolling to shop 10 similar to hers, ahead.

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