Kourtney Kardashian’s Backyard Movie Night Was A Stylish Affair Worth Recreating

So many chic ideas.

Kourtney Kardashian / Instagram

Outdoor summer gatherings can take on a few forms. There’s the pool party, the cookout, the elegant sit-down dinner, and the casual patio hang. But perhaps one of the most fun — and largely underrated options — is the backyard movie night. Never been to one? Don’t let that stop you from throwing a soirée of your own. Instead, take notes from the party queen Kourtney Kardashian, who just hosted dinner and a movie in the backyard with an enviable setup and decor you’ll want to copy immediately.

Seriously — this get-together was so cute, no one will blame you if you want to recreate every detail. From the serene dinner table setting to the romantic lighting to the comfortable screen-watching spot, each element was considered, welcoming, and chic. Honestly, it’s not at all what you’d expect the typical outdoor movie party to be, which is all the more reason to try her ideas for yourself. Here, we’ve broken down Kardashian’s best backyard party decor (and shopped out similar products) to help you do just that.

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A Picnic Table Dinner

From her photos, it seems Kardashian’s event kicked off with a dinner. To keep things low-key (well, kind of), the Poosh founder chose a picnic table-like setup for the meal, which added a casual element in line with this sort of party. That said, in true Kardashian fashion, she did add some glam with beautiful dinnerware and linens.

Hanging Florals

Kardashian’s gathering had a distinctly romantic feel, which was thanks in part to an abundance of flowers. In addition to the plants that were part of the landscaping, she also hung bouquets above the table for a sweet, ethereal, and unexpected touch.

Comfy Loungers

Of course, movie-watching is the most important part of this type of party. Thus, comfortable seating is crucial. To ensure guests had a spot to kick back and relax during the film, the 43-year-old scattered plush loungers with laidback beanbag vibes across the lawn.

Mood Lighting

Any entertaining expert will tell you that no matter what kind of occasion you’re hosting, mood lighting is key. Kardashian clearly understands this, because she implemented several types throughout, including candles on the table, lanterns on the lawn, and more.

An Outdoor Movie Screen

And naturally, no movie night is complete without a screen on which to watch the film. Kardashian opted for a massive inflatable option, but you could just as easily invest in a projector and utilize an opaque white background of any kind.