5 Style Lessons We’ve Learned From Kate Middleton


In honor of Kate Middleton’s birthday we rounded up our favorite style lessons from the Duchess of Cambridge. Here, 5 ways to emulate the elegant ways of a real-life princess.

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Lessons We've Learned From The Duchess Of Cambridge

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1. Good Outfits Deserve To Be Worn More Than Once

It's incredibly refreshing to see Kate repeat wardrobe staples, a sartorial move that flies in the face of many a Hollywood starlet who is never seen wearing the same ensemble twice.

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2. A Friendly Smile Is Always The Best Accessory

Never underestimate the power of a smile. Disarming people with this warm gesture is one of Kate's most meritorious qualities.

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3. Change Is Good

If you're on the fence about whether or not to change your hair, follow Ms. Middleton's shining example. A dramatic chop can breathe new life into your entire look, so take the plunge by trying a blunt fringe, tiered layers or lopping-off several inches.

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4. When In Doubt, Wear A Tiara

Recently, the Duchess has been donning a tiara, which just happens to be completely on trend. If her regal jewels aren't inspiring enough, channel one of the many styles seen on the spring runways.

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5. Demure Silhouettes Don't Have To Be Dull

Kate's consistent use of color proves—especially for those who work in corporate environments—a punchy palette can elevate an appropriate ensemble from snooze-worthy to swoon-worthy.