These Pedicure Colors Are So Fun, You'll Want To Wear Open-Toed Shoes All Winter

Dip your toes into these trendy colors.

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The idea of walking in a winter wonderland sounds like fun and everything, but only if you have the right pedicure to go with it. The coldest season is already harsh enough on boot-encased feet and the freezing, slushy puddles they’re forced to leap over at every street corner — so give your feed a break with a rejuvenating salon day, complete with the best winter pedicure colors out there right now. Sunny sorbet-toned polishes and upbeat, neon nail art are taking a serious backseat to winter’s most fashionable colors like deep greens and moody oxblood reds, dialing up the drama on even the most straightforward, standard-issue pedicures.

Go low-key and classic with a snowy white or dress up a glittery party heel with a sparkle-covered polish to match — or even both at once. No matter what vibe or aesthetic you’re after this season, there’s a standout, winter-perfect pedicure color out there for every possible style and scenario. Scroll on to take them all in.

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Sultry Red

There are two kinds of winter reds: bright wreath-bow red, and its much moodier, darker counterpart. This deep, purple-tinged red is a perfect example of the latter, lending some serious sophistication to toenails.

Shimmering Gold

“Billions” is a fitting name for this gleaming, gold polish with the most satisfying metallic finish. It’s another ideal choice for holiday parties or just those cold winter weeks when you need a pick-me-up — the bright gold is an instant mood-booster.

Snowy White

Pure white nail polish is, like a blue-toned red, one of those colors that manages to be both extremely on-theme for summer and winter. In the colder months, turn to a bright white shade for the prettiest snow-dusted effect.

The Perfect Winter Blue

Finally, winter blues you’d actually want. This mesmerizing icy polish from Àuda.B. is the sort of shade you spend years questing after. Forget navy — icicle blue, especially as a metallic, is the best winter blue shade of all time.

Pine Green

The exact color of an 8-foot Noble Fir, you’d almost expect this dark green to come with a heady pine scent to match. Green is already thought to be an especially comforting color, and this deep shade is undoubtedly soothing. For the manifestation-minded, the color of money is always a good one to wear right around the New Year, too.

Bright Holiday Red

Jonsey Wood’s Amsterdam Red is perhaps the classic holiday nail color, bright, glossy and perfect for themed nail art (candy canes, anyone?) or on its own. Over it once the presents are all unwrapped? Just top the red with a coat of something glitter-filled and suddenly, it’s New Year’s Eve party-ready.

Classic Silver

When in doubt, go for a classic silver. The color itself is cool-toned and relaxed enough to wear anywhere while the chrome finish is pure party.

Luxe Copper

If you’ve been spotting copper everywhere, it’s not just you — penny-colored polishes, makeup, slip dresses, and high heels have been up and down runways and social media feeds alike. Dip your toes into the trend — quite literally — with a copper pedicure this winter.

Pulm Purple

Vampy, moody, and more than a little sultry, this enveloping plum shade is so deep, it essentially acts as a neutral — albeit a much more fun version. That also makes it the sort of color ideal for a matching manicure, too.

Iridescent Metal

Iridescent makeup and nails (both manicures and pedicures) are practically essential for holiday parties — and in the case of pedicures, they can dress up even the most basic heels. Frankly, this blue-green peacock shade could even turn Crocs sandals into black-tie attire.