Whiten Your Teeth On A Drugstore Budget

When it comes to teeth whitening, the astronomical prices for custom trays and hi-tech lasers probably have you filing this beauty treatment under luxuries, instead of necessities. Fortunately, the dental hygiene aisle of your local drugstore has affordable options worth trying that won’t derail your monthly budget. Here, 3 ways to get pearly whites at home for under $50.

Say Cheese!

Photo: Adam Katz Sinding

For The Gadget Lover

This whitening kit does require an awkward few minutes of holding a plasma-light device to your mouth, but for anyone willing to do this for 2 minutes every day, your teeth will be dramatically more white—up to 4 shades lighter—after one month.

For The Girl On The Go

Whitestrips only need 30 minutes to activate and whiten. You can literally throw them in and watch an episode from your current Netflix marathon—multitasking at its best.

For The Routine Obsessed

This peroxide-free (read: no pain or sensitivity) dual-foam system replaces your regular toothpaste. Brush your teeth with the cleaning foam for one full minute, then use the whitening foam for 2 minutes. Although 3 minutes may feel like an eternity, this is a great option for anyone with sensitive teeth.