7 Remedies To Use After Soaking Up Too Much Sun

There is nothing better than a well-deserved beach vacation, catching up on a stack of fashion magazines, sipping umbrella cocktails and taking a siesta to the sound of crashing waves. The only thing that could ruin this magical scene is getting too much sun (darn that stupid ball in the sky changing position while you nap). Even if you are a total pro with your sunscreen regime and don’t get an actual burn, the dehydrating effects of the sun cause peeling, flaking and irritation. Here, 7 ways to fix the problems that come along with overexposure.

Hydration Is Key

Photo: Mara Hoffman

We all know that aloe is the best thing to use on your body for a nasty sunburn thanks to its cooling-agent ingredient that provides immediate relief. But putting aloe on your face is trickier (and shiner). Try an ingenious aloe mask—keep it on as long as possible to allow your skin time to absorb and rehydrate.

For especially scorched areas on your body, find a balm—as opposed to a lotion—which creates a barricade on the surface of the skin to hold in moisture. This one contains anti-bacterial tamanu oil that reduces irritation and redness.

One of the most common—not to mention annoying—side effects of dry skin is itching and stinging. We're obsessed with this new cream gel containing yogurt, a tried-and-true antidote for inflammation of the skin.

We've all been there: A few days after returning from vacation, our shoulders start to peel in reptile-like layers. The magical ingredient in this soothing lotion is agave, which promotes collagen production.

For skin that feels hot to the touch, a soothing mist of essential oils provides temporary relief. If you are too fried to even be outside, keep this by your bedside—spritzing every 30 minutes—while you enjoy a movie marathon.

This lip balm contains lanolin, an ingredient hefty enough to stay on throughout the day, which is essential to properly repair dry, cracked lips.

Although your hair may not need immediate attention after a day in the sun, it should not be completely ignored just because it doesn't hurt like your burn. Repair damaged hair with this leave-in conditioner that promises to restore shine.