On Our Radar: Wayne Goss Luxury Brushes

Makeup brushes are not always the most self-explanatory tools. Today, we break down the purpose of Wayne Goss’ luxury 8-piece set with quotes from the makeup artist himself!

Wayne Goss, Makeup Artist

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“This small foundation brush not only creates a smooth canvas but visibly eliminates the size of pores.”

“Perfect for precision powdering areas that shine and also doubles as a contouring, highlighting and blusher brush.”

“All over eyeshadow in seconds, while contouring the eye crease for defined, standout eyes.”

“Perfect for hooded eyes. The ultra-soft brush gives minimal eye movement while placing color just where you want it.”

“Cut crease. Drop shadow. Hiding under eye bags. This brush does it all.”

“Gives the perfect blend each time. Extending eyeshadow has never been more simple. Just press and glide.”

“The ultimate lip brush. Its short firm bristle gives the sharpest lip. No skill involved.”

“Interested in thicker fuller lashes? Push black eyeshadow into the base of the lash with this tiny brush that yields massive results.”