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10 Viral TikTok Products You Should Actually Buy, According To A Social Editor

Worth the hype.

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Maggie Haddad
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TikTok is my new favorite search engine. Whether I’m looking for lunch recipes or on the hunt for a new work tote, I turn to the platform’s explore feature for my research. I am not easily influenced, though — I look into every trend before jumping in to avoid any regretful purchases. This is especially true when it comes to my beauty routine. I’m very picky about new additions, so when a product goes viral and I’m tempted to run out to Sephora, I pause and vet it properly to determine whether the item in question is really worth it.

As a social media editor, I see a lot of trends at their beginning stages. In order to avoid buying everything that’s gone viral, I’ve developed a careful process to help me determine if the product is actually going to work for me. First thing’s first, I utilize TikTok’s search feature to see more videos featuring the product. Not only am I listening to what the creators have to say about the product, but I’m also paying close attention to application to make sure this is something that’ll better my routine. For example, I prefer using hydrating lip products, so if I see a lip product drying more matte on a creator, I know to avoid.

Speaking of creators, I also like to take a look at a profile before I completely trust someone’s review. When I’m scrolling through someone’s account, I’m looking to see if the product is included in numerous videos. If I’m interested in a cream blush but I notice the creator only using it in one video, I’m a bit skeptical that it’s either an ad, or they haven’t been entirely honest in their review. Also, I think it’s important to share both positives and negatives about products, because what you dislike might actually work for someone else. And if a creator uses a product in multiple videos, I’m more likely to be convinced that what they say about the product is truthful.

If, like me, you question every popular product, worry not. I’ve done the research on all of TikTok’s more recent viral beauty stars, and the following 10 are actually worth your purchase.

Saie Beauty
Glowy Super Skin Lightweight Hydrobounce™ Serum Foundation
When Saie Beauty’s new foundation first launched, my FYP was filled with reviews. It wasn’t until I saw creator Caroline Sacks’ full-day wear test that I was convinced to add it to my cart. The product gives “your skin but better” energy, which is exactly what I look for in a foundation. I love that the glow lasted all day long.
Summer Fridays
Lip Butter Balm
Like many, I ate up all of the content from Sofia Richie Grainge’s wedding weekend. Her beauty looks all had one element in common: simplicity. Each of her makeup looks were light and simple. During one of her GRWM videos, she mentioned that she’s “clinically obsessed” with the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm in the shade Pink Sugar. I can personally attest to the amazingness that is this product, so I will definitely be purchasing this shade.
Haus Labs
Color Fuse Blush
As a liquid blush girlie, I didn’t anticipate seeing this video of Aniyah Morinia trying Haus Labs’ Color Fuse Blush to influence me so hard. My one worry with powder blushes is that they won’t be pigmented enough, but clearly that’s not a problem here. The Acai Sky shade is the perfect berry shade that pops on every skin tone.
Refy Beauty
Duo Brush
Whenever I watch Monet McMichael’s makeup videos, I notice she’s always using this Refy brush for her iconic foundation swirl. She always achieves a perfectly blended and even look, thanks to this brush.
Hydrating Serum
I’m very picky when it comes to skin care since I have sensitive skin, and I’ve only ever heard great things about BYOMA’s Hydrating Serum. Creator Casey Mullen uses the product twice a day, and her glowy, dewy skin is all I needed to see before purchasing a bottle for myself.
Tower 28
SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray
I trust everything that Christina and Alexis (aka @thelipsticklesbians) post on their account. I’ve been dealing with some annoying breakouts recently, so I was thrilled that they had a video talking about Tower 28’s SOS Facial Spray, a product to use in place of toner. I’m definitely going to try this to help with any redness and irritation that I’ve been noticing on my skin.
Merit Beauty
Flush Balm Cream Blush
I already own this blush, so I can attest that it’s super creamy, pigmented, and easy to blend. During Carly Rivlin’s recent video, though, I discovered how wearable this Terrocatta shade is. I typically reach for pink shades, but I’ve been fully influenced to try this warm, earthy tone.
Cactus Fruit 3-in-1 Styling Cream
Full disclosure: I already own this product. But, I felt it was important to include because TikTok taught me another way to use it. Emilie Kiser always uses this styling cream for her slicked back hairstyles, which I had never even thought to try. If you’re on the fence about this product, it’s definitely worth the purchase for its versatility alone.

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