Veracity Is The First Skin Care Brand That Tests and Targets Hormonal Imbalances

The new brand takes a unique inside-out approach to your skin’s needs.

veracity skin care test booklet

Imagine taking a quick and simple at-home saliva test that could tell you exactly what’s going on with your skin beneath the surface — and, in turn, how to properly treat it. Sounds pretty rad, right? Well, thanks to a cutting-edge new skin care brand named Veracity, this type of skin testing is now readily available to the masses.

It all started when Veracity’s founder, Allie Egan, discovered her persistent skin problems were the result of having an underactive thyroid — something she only learned after getting tested for fertility issues. Once she had that “aha moment” and realized that myriad skin problems actually occur because of what’s going on inside (i.e. stress, hormonal changes, etc.), she set out to create a brand that could provide people with the tools, education, and science-backed products that she didn’t have when trying to treat her own skin concerns. From there, Veracity was born.

“Veracity means ‘habitually truthful,’ and it’s the motto by which we operate,” Egan tells TZR via email. “We put science behind everything that we do and focus on the facts, versus the next buzz word or what’s trending. Our products were developed by a Ph.D. in hormonal health, and our definition of ‘clean’ is clear-cut. Our skin care is the first truly endocrine disruptor-free solution enabling your body to do what it does best — heal itself.”

Veracity is also the first-ever skin care brand that’s based entirely on people’s individual biofactors — a.k.a. the substances required by our bodies to function correctly, including vitamins, minerals, peptides, amino acids, and so on. To determine said biofactors, Egan and her team created an at-home Skin & Health Test, which measures the five main hormones and pH that directly impact the state of your skin.


The testing process is as simple as swabbing your mouth for some — you guessed it — saliva and sending it back in the self-addressed packet that the brand gives you. From there, your biofactors are evaluated in the lab and then reviewed by a team of board-certified doctors who create a customized product routine based on your results. In addition to personalized skin care recommendations, the analysis also tells you which of your hormones are off-balance (and by how much), and even provides you with tips about certain lifestyle changes that could potentially help to modulate hormonal fluctuations.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of each Veracity product, it’s worth noting that the brand formulated its six-piece skin care line to be completely safe for pregnant women and new moms who are breastfeeding to use.

The collection includes four Vital Concentrates, which are potent serums designed to target the most common skin concerns caused by hormonal imbalances (think inflammation and redness due to a spike in cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone). Each elixir is dermatologist-tested and contains a combination of clinical-strength actives and plant-based ingredients that help to deeply nourish and balance the skin. You have Brightening Support, a vitamin C serum that addresses hyperpigmentation and melasma; Inflammation Response for hormonal acne and sensitivity; Hydration Balance for dry and severely dehydrated skin; and Regenerating Infusion, a glycolic acid treatment that gently resurfaces the skin without causing irritation.

Additionally, there’s the BioEvolve Collection, which includes a serum and moisturizer made with adaptogens, antioxidants, and essential nutrients that help support the skin’s natural abilities. The BioEvolve Moisturizer, for instance, contains a blend of ceramides and mushroom extracts that aid in moisture retention, while the BioEvolve Serum features niacinamide and garland lily extract to improve barrier function.

Suffice it to say: If you’ve struggled to find answers to your skin concerns like Egan once did, definitely consider checking out Veracity to see if its unique hormone-based approach to skin care works for you. You can shop the full collection now on veracityselfcare.com.

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