These Ultra-Chic TWA Hairstyles Are *Made* For Main Character Moments

Tiny afro, massive compliments.


TWAs — Teeny-Weeny Afros — may be short, but they make a big statement. Regardless of if it's full and curly, slicked-down, or in a protective style, there’s a chic TWA style out there for every look. If you’re on the fence on the big chop, these takes just might convince you to take the plunge.

Asymmetry can open up all sorts of new styling doors — and this tapered style, featuring a close crop that explodes into longer, voluminous curls is perfect for those not looking for the full cut commitment. @akua_ambe
The fastest way to switch up your TWA (and your entire aesthetic, for that matter)? A hyper-trendy dye job in any of 2022’s hottest colors. Bright green is popping up in all sorts of celebrity-approved fashion and beauty moments, making now the perfect time to experiment. @nemobxng
Lupita Nyong’o’s Cinderella-blue Oscars gown (and her well-deserved Best Supporting Actress win) would be the talk of the town solo, but the glittering diamond headband resting on her asymmetrical TWA is the perfect finishing touch. Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage/Getty Images
While many TWA styles are focused on full, defined curls, one of the all-time chicest ways to wear short hair is by slicking it down. Finger waves add a Parisian flair to even the most straightforward ensembles, and swoopy edges (especially paired with looping jewelry) are a work of art.@rekaylacurls
That said, the curls also deserve their time in the spotlight. Maximize them with plenty of gloss, shape, and sheen — curl refresh sprays, oil-based foams, and defining gels will all go a long way towards keeping them in tip-top form.@bellinharees
When Gabrielle Union got a major haircut just in time for summer, the smile in her debut selfie said it all. Since then, she’s treated fans to all sorts of incredible short hair looks, including this half-slicked down style that allows her curls to take center stage.@gabunion
Hair scarves and wraps are all over the NYFW runways, so incorporating one into your TWA happens to be both functional and firmly on-trend. @lynnettessilhouettes
Fact: Puffs are hands down the cutest hairstyle of all time. Shape them into little space buns in a half-up version, or one big forward-facing puff for some retro flare — regardless of the puffs you pick, a good day is all but guaranteed. @peggypeg_
Yvonne Orji’s big haircut was a major moment both on Insecure and IRL — and the red carpet looks it’s yielded are enough to convince anyone to go for it themselves. Orji’s TWA features the coolest part, trimmed diagonally and off-center. Matt Winkelmeyer/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Teeny-weeny Afros mean itty-bitty Bantu Knots — and they look just as cool as their larger-coiled counterparts, too. Plus, you’ll rest easy knowing your hair is perfectly protected. Leave them classic and unadorned or dress your knots up with little details like metallic wire wraps and gilded hoops.@heycarra

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