11 TSA-Approved Products

Complying with iron-clad carry-on regulations shouldn’t require forgoing proper skincare for the duration of your trip. Fun-sized products from big-name favorites Bobbi Brown, Josie Maran and Kiehl’s are proof positive that good things come in small packages. So go ahead, pack light.

Carry-On Friendly Skincare Essentials

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Clean Slate

The combination of dry cabin air and leftover makeup is a recipe for complexion complications. Whip out these nifty Argan oil-drenched towelettes.

Aluminum-Free Deodorant

A 100% natural deodorant that actually works is a unicorn of the beauty world. Lavanila’s potent stick is one such unicorn. Available in several gentle scents, the travel size version is a vacation essential.

Sweet Scent

Don’t stress over investing in a roll-on perfume, we promise you’ll be reaching for this season-less (and surprisingly long-lasting) floral fragrance long after you land back home.

Mess-Free SPF

No matter the destination, sun protection should always be a part of you regimen. Broccoli extract and loads of antioxidants pack a potent yet moisturizing UV ray blocking punch. Plus, the solid formula eliminates flight-induced spills.

Healthy Hair Wash

Rahua shampoos and conditioners are packed with nourishing ingredients (think natural oils, lemongrass and green tea) that provide volume and shine in spades, without stripping color.

Extra Gentle Cleansing Oil

Brimming with healthful oils, this non-drying miracle product cleans, nourishes and repairs jet-lagged skin in a single step.

Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion

A tried and true cool-girl favorite, this luxurious body cream boasts an almost undetectable scent, allowing your fragrance to take the spotlight.

Vitamin-Rich Shaving Cream

Anyone who’s ever attempted to use hotel soap -- no matter how fancy -- for shaving purposes will agree: Shaving cream is a must. This teeny tube guarantees smooth results.

Reviving Moisturizer

Air travel (any form of travel, for that matter) is a massive skin stresser. Just one application of this anti-aging moisturizer restores, energizes and protects.

Double Duty Clutch

This color-happy pouch works overtime to keep your product-packed Ziploc bag in check. Then use it as a day-to-night accessory once you get to your destination.