Top-Selling Beauty Products From The Best Cities In The World

by Stephanie Montes

Have you ever wondered if your beauty routine is influenced by where you live? We have, so we asked 7 global beauty brands for their best-selling products in various major cities around the world. The answers provide insight into the females that live in each place. From Los Angeles to Shanghai, we found out what women want—in their makeup bag, anyway.

You'll Never Guess Who Bought What!

See how the cities ranked overall in our poll.

Los Angeles: Primer

With temperatures usually in the ’70s, primer is a daily must-have for beach babes who don't want their makeup to melt off in the hot SoCal sun. The fact it softens fine lines and blurs pores is just the cherry on top.

Shanghai: SPF

We all know the secret to beautiful, porcelain skin is to protect it from harmful UV rays. Shanghai locals clearly understand this as SPF 30 sunscreen is their must-have.

Milan: Body Wash

We all know Italian chicks epitomize natural beauty and innate style. So it's no surprise that instead of investing in tons of makeup, women in Milan focus on a really great-smelling shower gel.

New York: Eyeliner

New Yorkers have incredibly long days of running around the city and heading from work straight to late dinners. An eyeliner that stays put is a staple for the girl who is too busy to retouch her makeup in between important meetings.

London: Mascara

Dating back to the days of Twiggy’s bold lashes, British beauties have had an obsession with making their eyes look bigger and more pronounced. Across the pond, mascara is the item to never leave home without.

Miami: Foundation

Although we’re jealous of the sea-salt air and year-round sunshine, these are factors that contribute to skin damage and uneven skin tone. A layer of foundation gives Miami's fabulous females a complexion that glows. ­

Paris: Brow Gel

Our obsession with French girls may be due to the fact that their chic, too-cool-to-care style is so different from us here in the States. Case in point: They are way more focused on grooming their brows than packing on a face of makeup.